What are the different diamond shapes and styles


Diamonds come in all shapes and sizes, but most want to know more about cuts and styles. This article will shed & # 39; some light on the dark corners & # 39; those that curiosity.

The – first and by – far – is the most used cut – cut round. Amounting to 3 / 4th of all diamond cuts, is so popular because of its ability to tirrifratta the best light than other cuts. Another very popular cut is similar to the round cut diamond clearly cinema. It is used by & # 39; prominently for engagement rings for its highly flexible style and the ability to attach well in almost any circuit.

Cuts are another style oval diamonds can be cut. This particular style creates a prolonged effect, which in & # 39; certain angles can & # 39; make the diamond actually seems greater what is really. this is a similar style to the marquise cut diamond. It's like the oval but takes more & # 39; football a true oval shape. Because of the unique shape, has one of the largest surface areas of & # 39; any cut diamond carat for carat. Also, like the oval cut, form adds prolong to make it appear larger than it really.

Cuts & # 39; & # 39 diamond f; form & # 39; Pear are a combination the round cut style, and the style of marquise, and is emblematic point in & # 39; one end. These diamonds are known for their beautiful symmetry and elegant appearance. Cushion cut diamonds are also cut from the combination, featuring a square cut with rounded edges and corners. Resembling a little pillow, this classic style has been around for a few centuries and was one of the most popular styles.

Emerald cut diamonds are like a long table and sliced ​​& # 39; it intended to produce an effect "hall of mirrors". Instead of focusing on light refraction, is more suited to the appearance of the plan itself. The Asscher cut diamond is very similar to the emerald cut but contains smaller plane, and more table cut & # 39; to speak. Thanks square, was essentially the forerunner of the emerald cut.

There are many different types of & # 39; diamond styles, but the best thing to remember is that they are all diamonds, and therefore found cut that fits you.


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