What Are Bookkeeping Duties


The bookkeeping is the process in which companies and b & # 39; more specifically those who keep the books keep records of financial transactions in business accounting. These financial transactions & # 39; day include sales, purchases, receipts and payments and are registered through the establishment of & # 39; accounts, in accordance with legal requirements and the posting & # 39; transaction. By keeping these records, accountant plays a vital role in helping accountants to turn interpret this information to assess business performance. Duties of accounting, are carried out by an accountant;

1. Preparation & # 39; balance of evidence. It is prepared at the end of period & # 39; reporting to balance the general ledger. Once completed and validated, this sheet used by the accountant to prepare financial statements.

2. Gather analyzes and summarizes the accounting information to prepare a financial report.

3. Maintaining the following accounts;

• subsidiary accounts – by verifying, allocating and posting of all transactions. After that, the books accountant balance these accounts through reconciliations.

• General Register – through transfer of verified summaries of subsidiary accounts.

• Historical records – by filling in the relevant documents.

4. Distribute money to departments within an enterprise.

5. Ensure compliance with legal requirements, eg. The tax compliance.

6. Maintain & # 39; small money.

7. Undertakes to pay & # 39; company accounts.

8. Books Book also manages customer invoices, pay vendors and prepare orders & # 39; purchase.

9. It is the role of & # 39; this department to prepare information for auditors.

10. Accountant keep the company's annual budget.

These and others who may be nominated by employers are the duties of the accountant. The book owners use various systems to perform their duties, including accounting for one entry and two double income. The system of & # 39; & # 39 accounting; single entry using & # 39 accounts, income and basic expenses from the log & # 39; cost, while the system & # 39; & # 39 double entry; Bookkeeping use two different entries for each transaction.


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