Uncovering the best last minute holiday deals


In desperate need of a last minute holiday but not sure where to turn? Read on. This guide shows you the tricks that could have you on a plane in hours.

The Easy Option

If you’re willing to pay between £600 and £1000 per person for your last minute holidays, you’re in luck. Resorts sell on their vacant spaces to third parties, who can organise the entire package for you. This includes flights and transfers, and makes the process of swapping the drab metropolis for a golden beach effortless. Established firms such as Thomas Cook have connections around the world, meaning that you can easily find last minute holiday deals to the USA, Cuba, the Canary Islands, Egypt, and a whole host of other tantalizing destinations.

The Cheaper Option

If budget is an issue, plenty of providers specialise in cheap last minute holiday deals. Sites such as icelolly or do the hard work for you, and pick their last minute holidays deals based upon Trip Advisor reviews and customer feedback. With cheap last minute holiday deals averaging around £200 to £300 for seven days all-inclusive, there are some excellent options for the taking. The catch? The best offers are snapped up swiftly, so do your homework before you start searching.

The Unusual Option

If you want something slightly more off piste for your last minute holiday, sites such as offer listings of unusual holidays. With destinations as diverse as sun-drenched Oman and the vividly volcanic Reykjavik, adding keywords such as unusual and unique to your search for cheap last minute holiday deals could have you booting up for a safari in a matter of minutes. The bonus of heading away from the traditional tourist trail is that many hidden cultural gems are also easy on the pocket, making this option the best-kept secret in the cheap last minute holidaysindustry.

The Old-School Option

With the world operating in the virtual realm, it’s easy to forget the old days of travel agents. Don’t. Travel agents work directly with partner hotels, and are often able to scoop excellent cheap last minute holidays deals that are never released on the Internet. The benefit of this forgotten secret is that agents can negotiate on your behalf, shaping the deal to fit both your dream and your budget.

Whichever path you choose, don’t be put off. Finding last minute holiday deals and cheap last minute holidays is easier now than it has ever been. With a few clicks of the mouse, you too could be heading off into the sunset.


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