Transport candidates in the field of election are also active


Photo AFP AFP Image date It was divided into Nadir Ali (now the gun) but now they are in the elections
Forcing to leave home at the age of 13, was exploited by relatives with sexual abuse, and later Nadir Ali, who attacked acid on his former friend, made many problems in Pakistan.
But this transition is confirmed from the university, is the most common transit of Pakistan.

Special Briefing of the BBC Urdu
He told the BBC: I know that you can get your rights without getting political power in this country or in any of your organization.
More than past few years in Pakistan, most of the voters participate in the election, it is proof that they have the right.
We will now monitor what we did not talk to.
Encodules are also counted
The majority of Pakistan conservative society has been denied and the focus on targeting business community conflicts is also said, they are discrimination discrimination for long-term basic rights such as education, employment and health.

Photo Gallery of gallery
In the Mughal era, this storm uses singers, comrades and royal court advisers. However, the influence of propaganda during the British colonial era in India has been widely condemned and they are deprived of civil rights.
Azimi Yaqubi, a forum institute of the forum for the rights of transporters, says that now this area has Pakistan's transportation right.
One year ago, he was accepted as the third gender in Pakistan and exported national identity card and also offered a passport last year, which is still not available in many western countries.
In May, the law approved by Pakistan in May, prohibiting discrimination against five million people involving Khawajaad, forbidden, and poor people.
This community is now seen in other parts, as a private television station employs a newsletter while a transitional worker with a large Pakistani actor in the movie Used to work
Today they kill us
However, violence and prejudice against Pakistan still persist.
Due to the social and cultural expectations, the most common public opinion of transportation is not visible.
However, the transplant woman has been aged by age, and is usually spent on singing, selling and selling so that they get dinner.
Most of these transing groups live in groups where they get food and shelter, and instead serve it for the group.
Mariya Khan says: "When you leave the house, these places only worry about your protection. & # 39; Mariya goes after her ten years after her husband and her family's strength.
He says: 'Whoever does not delay or tick over here and you all like it.'
However, many of his communities believe that their risk is increased.
Nadir says: First we were beaten, stolen Ished, now died. & # 39;
According to human rights activists, over 60 transporter have been killed in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in the last three years.
One of them was killed in 2016. When he was brought to the hospital, the staff could not be decided to be transferred to the male ward or in the female branch.
Save your family hands
He is participating in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa nomination. "Our own family has given us money to kill us," he says. I was shot dead but I survived. Door door
Photo Maria Maria Image date Mariya participates in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa election.
However, Maria says local people have given much support to them and they get a positive response. Past politicians have done nothing.
Photo AFP AFP Image date Delicate beauty
Rich property
The characteristic of Nadeem is competing from Islamabad and also has its radio.
He says, despite the legislation, there is no political party about the troubleshooting of Trinidad. That's why I attend the election.
He says the elections are male assets, but my money has not been received.


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