The best time of year to see the Northern Lights in Iceland


Going to see the northern lights in Iceland is one of the must-do’s in the Nordic country. However, the northern lights can be incredibly unpredictable. Here is a guide to the best time to go, what to expect when seeing lights and what you should expect to pay for accommodations.

In order to go see the lights, darkness is going to be key. As a result, the best time to go see them is from September until mid-April. Furthermore, many say that self-driving to the lights and attempting to find them is worth it. However, this is not nearly as successful as going on a self-guided tour. As a result, Extreme Iceland offers an excellent evening tour which will help you see the Auroras Borealis in all its wonder. These tours cost around £70, but can go higher based on availability.

In terms of accommodations, the average hotel price in £68. Keep in mind additional costs for the trip as well, such as the fact that you may need to buy more film for your camera!


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