Save Money on Disneyland Paris Tickets


Disneyland Paris is famous for its theme parks, Disney Village and Film Studios. It has long been a coveted destination for families and especially children because they get to meet their favourite Disney characters. Going to Disneyland Paris however does not come cheap, and one needs to employ a few tricks to save on tickets and enjoy more of the visit. One of the ways definitely is choosing the best time to purchase tickets. If you choose to purchase tickets last minute you are sure to pay more per person. They also offer amazing discounts on family tickets, so you can save some cash when visiting as a family. This comes in the form of tickets, accommodation, meal plans, Free Fastpass, etc.

You can take advantage of online sites offering affordable deals when buying tickets. Buying onlineis cheaper than at the gate, most of the time, as you can compare deals from different sites and choose the right one for you. This also means you will avoid long queues at the gate. Some of the best sites you can trust with cheaper tickets apart from the park website itself are: AttractionTix, Picniq, and SuperTrips. It is advisable to compare prices from these parks with those of the theme park for best results. Another way to save on Disneyland Paris tickets is to buy them from a European site other than Disney UK. This could be helpful if these sites are offering promotions on various packages. In such cases, buying from them and converting the package prices to pounds can save you around £80.

As you can see, it’s perfectly possible to save money on Disneyland tickets, and the extra effort is indeed worth it.


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