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It's been a year since Sony was released It's still an easy-to-buy PS4 pro for those who are new to the PlayStation world. PS4 Pro is Sony's super-charged PS4 version and is not the next genuine generation in terms of strength and features. High quality 4K image, soft frame rates and high dynamic range (HDR).

The PS4 Pro, which was released by the end of 2016, is now considered to be a top-class player. mysterious The library that uses additional graphic strips. If you're into the console, try checking it out.

Features and design

If you work with usual PS4, you will get it Discover The PS4 processor is wider and higher. Even though it has a parallelogram mode, its design has three bottom surfaces and has rounded corners, along with the same matte plastic one.

Also, the Xbox One or the older PS4 is a bit frustrating, but it does not bother. Sony has replaced the original PS4 with a touchscreen and power buttons with mechanical action current PS4 versions.


Any feature set or physical design change is not significant when compared to the actual benefits of the PS4 Pro: a re-spectrum. PS4 Pro has the same 8-inch AMD Jaguar CPU, but it runs at 2.13 watts.

My main system is also the same as myshchash. One of the main features of the HDR is the enhanced contrast and provides more color and color. This increases the depth of the presentation, surprisingly vibrant and brighter attractions.

PS4 Pro versus PS4

As with his peers, PS4 Pro is a great system. If you do not own the PS4 and want to cure it, it's the option of buying it from your TV. Would you like to spend extra money? faster and we want see that they have more than one chance.

On the other hand, if you have a PS4, you need to spend £ 349 for a Pro until you buy 4K TVs. Even if you do not want to upgrade your TV, just try moving a regular PS4 on it.

Whether this new console will benefit you or not looking out You own the PS4 system.


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