Parliamentarians will be unhappy, strong government needs the current situation: Imran Khan


Image date Imran Khan said that it would be trying that the government would be in opposition if it was a government without the help of parties like PPP.
Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan leader Imran Khan has said that in the current situation, if a suspected parliament is a parliament, it will be a big mistake for the country.
In interview with the BBC's Osman Zahid, he said that a strong government and parliamentarians of the country need a weakness in need of the country.

Pakistan Elections 2018: Special Coverage of the BBC
Imran Khan responded to the question of suspension after elections that in current conditions, a strong government needs to be faced with such a economic crisis and Pakistan is facing it.
Imran Khan responded to the response of the possible coalition government that he would be better to exercise the pace of the PPP.
"If I make coalition, I will tell you that neither new League nor the PPP can be formed because leaders are deprived of corruption and if government is, then it will be good to opposition. In.
Imran Khan talked about PPP and PML-N and said: "They can not reform and strengthen the organization, anti-corruption campaigns are not going to run and the FBR can not be treated and they manage their administration with corruption. Paused. "
Imran Khan said, these efforts will be left without the government and if there is no peace, then it will be in opposition.

Imran Khan does not assure private languages
If the person asks, the agent is insulting.
Imran Khan objected to fraud in 2013 and performed 126 days in Islamabad, but what is the right path of July 25?
Imran Khan said that in the last elections, who talked about corruption, all the parties opposed because they joined.

Copyright copy AFP Image date According to Imran Khan, it would be better to join PPP with the government to stand in opposition
He said that at this time, four centers should be opened to ensure the 2018 elections, but I am opposed. I was just on the streets and now see that these parties try to stop them before the election.
"I would like to ask them," when I said, I would just get to the previous tests after the investigation, and now it should not be used. Now they are afraid that the elections will lose and they also fear that emperors themselves are not Because they have played their reign in the next elections. At present, the Observer, the Election Commission and the Attorney General were seen.
In response to the question about the first priority in the future of the government, Imran Khan said that their priority will improve the economic situation of the country.
Imran Khan said on the statement about the statement about the statement that they are worried about the security situation, and it only affects election campaigns because other groups have four walls that I campaign.


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