Pakistan's 2018 Parliament: The Legislative Assembly handed over to military officers


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Barter Ali Zafar said that the monitoring government raises all the necessary steps to maintain peace

According to Bharat Ali Zafar, Information Minister and Law Minister of Pakistan, the Parliament himself authorized the punishments of the recruiting officers during the work.
He said that parliament does not have the law nor the election commission does not authorize it. Now that when the parliament has made a parliament and has given power, I do not know that some members of parliament object why they were obliged to settle down?

Special coverage of the BBC's Pakistan election in Pakistan
"This is a national issue, it is not necessary to accuse him," said Barter Ali Zafar in a special interview for the BBC.
According to the minister's defense guard, under section 193 in the Electoral Law of the year 2017, the parliament had authorized the Election Commission to give the authorized power officers to the authorized punishment. These options were also given in the last elections.
It seems that the option to the 2013 elections also has been given to the surveys that were also reported on polling centers, but this time all polling stations should have this option.
The most important campaign in the election campaign is unstable and distributed.
July 25
Dairy Ismail Khan: The PTI Justice, Akmalala Gandapur died
If there is fear, political announcements will also be affected "
The Election Commission of India says that the Election Commission will request a suicide attack on millions of voters and polling centers in the country, and it will be directed to bring 400,000 police officers and three national centers in the country. . .
It is clear that Senator Raza Rabbani, chairman of the Senate of Pakistan Senator and chairman of the opposition leader and chairman of the Pakistan People's Party, Sher Rahman, is calling on the Election Commission.

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2013 elections were deemed to be assigned to a military personnel who were deployed in the polling stations declared as emotionally, but this time all polling stations would have this option

Intervention of intervention in electoral process
Regarding this question, government agencies influence the elections and how it is enshrined that federal affairs observers said that "the effective election or any government agency results have not been created."
They rejected the allegations such as listening and "political statements".
If anyone talks, bring the evidence. Courts and the Election Commission are also available, complaints are sent to them so that they can be punished after the investigation. We can not take any action and listen, but it's our job.
"The person does not give concrete proof, if he has tried to influence, then he will be taken away," said Barter Ali Zafar, the Supreme Court judge of Islamabad, Hafeez Siddiqui. But it does not have the right to explain.
July 25 Security Status
Brotherhood Ali Zafar said that the Interior, Election Commission, All Agencies and Law enforcement agencies are making a lot of effort for the failure of the terrorist efforts on election day.
He said that the monitoring government will make all the necessary measures to safeguard elections and this will be peaceful.

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Censored and pressure on local media
Minister of Information and Lawyer, Bairer Zafar also rejected the allegations of torture and pressure by local media.
He said the issue came to hear and the committee was instructed to do research, but "there are no guidelines in this issue that this is the problem." He said he did not complain about it.
Bairer Zafar said the issue of second-issue between cable operator and television channels is going in ten years and the Supreme Court also went to court, but the parliament did not make any laws.
"Now we expect two months to hope that we can do it right."


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