Only six months


Happiness and unhappy! Listen, our leader's intent is good. It is the first thing that is honest, there is no doubt in doubt, when the leader is honest then the whole country will be well.
Come on! Come, for the first time Pakistan history, army and people and leaders in one side. Prime Minister of Atomic Energy was elected. Imran will look at the eyes, America will not tell us, we will tell this mother, our foreign minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi, who refused to accept the agreement, was sponsored by all types of US spy Davis. And resigned. There were some people who did not think about the seats that favored the country's interests in these positions.
Although India is concerned about Imran's knowledge, Imran announced announcing the help of victims of the vehicle. Revelation, Imran Imran, In your diplomacy, in the same way, America and India, now a violation of authority, will not be able to carry out the previous policy. Foreign politics will not be any other person, but relationship between equality can be established every country.
Sorry! Only 180 days and waiting, Asad Umar will decide the funds. Loans from the IMF will make us go to the country. Pakistani refugees have returned, will fund funds in Pakistan. The best and transparent government has come for a long time, when there is no wastage, the tax will increase. This administration and everyone will be saved, then the economic situation of the country will grow. The main illness of the country is governed by the rulers, they are all right.
We are worried about 100 people worldwide. Imran Khan made a list of 100 Pakistani world-wide lists that will work to improve his country's vision and change. There are revolutionary changes in the 70's. The loss of 1100 billion rupees was lost by the loss of these government firms when they were lost, 1100 billion will be saved from them.
Just look at the oppressed! As Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has changed the police culture, this culture will change in all Pakistan. The former former Pashtun Pashtun Pashtun police station was brought to the police station in Punjab, police will not be able to kidnap anyone. Change the culture, it will not be unreliable.
And you can also listen! You have reached the end of Pakistan. Raise Za Daud will increase exports, fruits and vegetables will be dispatched abroad, the trade deficit will be reduced. In six months, the country will change, listen.
Also see that the education and health system will be good. Educational emergency will be implemented, all the Sharifs spend on metro and war buses and did not pay attention to health and education.
Listen to Protocols and VVIP Campaigners; Everything changes, the Prime Minister will not travel in the plane. Big judge and President Pakistan have been canceled alternative options, instead of traveling to the first class, using a business club or club club. The next total expenditure is approved by the Parliamentary Parliament, the change has changed for six months. Some things will change.
By hearing this announcement, the national celebrations and celebrations will also change today. This time the defense will be celebrated at different times. A new look at this time has come to an end. Where the army, people and the same page will be converted to Pakistan in six months.
I will tell you, everyone will be accountable, get money from corruption. We will be respected by the NRO, we will return home from foreign countries, now the Swiss banks will return and the problem will not be returned. end up
Listen to the doubts about our ability! The captain, who has been able to identify the captains of the captain, is the one who chooses to be better, for President, if Captain Arif Alvi chose, Chief Minister Punjab Usman Fuhar and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Khyber Pakhtunkhwa will also The captain will look right if the captain goes on this day since tomorrow, Saba will be captain. He has been miraculous for Pakistan, he will show it impossible, only six months and then see how the terms of this country change.
Imran knows that 116 seats will come, it is also said that the next minister will be like that. Those who love to be surprised! Listen, the time is miracle. It would be good, it is not a sign that the Foreign Minister in the United States, China, Tehran and Afghanistan wants to come to an instant that the foreign trip to Pakistan never comes to Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and many countries There is also interest in the affairs.
Listen! Listen! Not only will the world succeed, but also with the spiritual path, religious belief will also help, we will use it. 70 years of prayers bring color, only six months and more, everything will go on, just six months !!!


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