Nissan Leaf 2018 Review


O has been launched in 2011 as an electric car. There are other options but those Nissan Leaf look to many because of your designs. The second group is here, and your achievements are a great achievement, more expensive and electricity.

New competitors around, though, and that the question is, may be Nissan Leafreign superior?

Time charging time

Time is different, but if you have it CHAdeMo charger charger, you will receive only 80% in 40 minutes. Increased growth on your head and letting you do the most of them electric car. Caring your car in your mind takes up to seven hours, which is a fun time.

Auctions require Nissan Leaf can run 235 miles in full charge. Reality you can expect to be around 108 miles in cold weather, but more in summer.

Driving a car

The level is 0-60mph speed in just eight minutes. It's faster than Renault Zoe and Volkswagen e-Golf and fast faster. Comfort is a key to driving, and the kidney works well on the roads and methods A.


With the front camera, emergency sensors and front objects and sat-navs made, the file has all the important features. Interior is a suggestion, and all information has appearedon Dashboard. You will have trouble finding what you need.

Many headings and footprints are in front of the car, so most people will be cool your driving. From the back, head tax is less than satisfying but there are many room rooms. The shoes are peace and the tests show that he can pick up the seven bags, which are more than his competitors.


No car is perfect, and Nissan Leaf have your minor errors. However, there are many good car features that are worth the price. It has power absorbing power and the best level of strength to others light circuits at the same cost.


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