New car for 2018


New carriers are slowly beginning to put into action and we're beginning to find them on the way. A couple that has probably been found in Tesla & # 39; s; Elon musks reproduce and BMW creation at i8. However, more companies have begun to rely on bicycle party and make their own car. Below are some new cars you will find this year.

BMW i3

BMW i3 is a potentially harmful power generator. The new model is listed as one of the first, light engineering activities and has led many people. The starting point to get yourself BMW i3 is £ 36,975 with additional payload applications.

Overall, the BMW i3 will be released in 181bhp and it is located at a distance of 174 km. The amount depends on a charge and, if needed, you can purchase extender size.

Rimac C_Two

Rimac C_Two is not the car that you will buy for a family. Compared to other companies, Rimac did not try to build a car that attracted attention to people who wanted a holiday or fire. Instead, they are creating a highest car that can compete with cars such as Ferrari and even Lamborghini.

No cost is already, however, just because the company offers 100 of these cars, you will be expected to pay around £ 1 million each. However, the bill is justified due to the specifications. Each device is powered by your own car. That means C_Two will run four-wheel drive that gives a total of 1888bhp!

In a few years we would expect to see many cars on the road. Each one will have different styles, specs, features etc. and tricks to the category of drivers. For car consumers with a lot of energy, you want to close the eyes of Tesla Roadster and C_Two. However, for those who want a car, BMW is possible to make a particular design or saloon more.


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