Huawei is better than the P20 version


Huawei has released two it is remarkable Huawei P20 Pro and Huawei P20. You need to select the device that's best for you with the two devices you need to select. For example, three cameras of the P20 Pro might be enough to convince you to buy a more advanced model.
If you want to argue for the P20 or P20 Pro, continue to look at this.
The front of both phones has the same design. However, there is a difference in the camera. Pro is slightly larger than the big screen, so the low battery power is dense in both.
Both have the option to combine an iPhone X with an unobtrusive line. The back side of the two is connected to the metal fence, giving them beautiful curved edges. Another difference between the two sides is the IP rating that determines the dust and water resistance of the device: the IP20 of the P2053 and the rating is P20 Pro 67 rating.
Software & Hardware
The phones work on the platform running at Kirin 970 to the side sun intellect. There is a difference between 4 GB for RAM and P20 with P20 Pro 6 GB. Both phones have 128 Gigabyte standard storage and two SIM cards.
Both P20 Pro and P20 have a daily performance. The camcorder has an optimally charged camera, battery life, and a live screen saver. Whichever you choose, Huawei has two best handsets. However, if you are looking for the best, Huawei Pro is worth £ 799 pound.


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