How to save electricity?


To save electricity always needs to be a difficult task, as it may be very annoying before you can make sacrifices for hair removal. However, this is not always the case, such as sacrificing a few pounds without electricity. There are some ways to save electricity.
Close your screen – By turning off the curtain on your screen, the burden on your electricity bill is rising, because the thermal heat is kept in the room and can not survive from the glass. If you want to go extra miles, buy faster curtains and use winter to keep them flat or flat at home during the winter months.
Drag your Plumbing / Taps – Walk around your home and check out all the plumbing in your home, including one in your bathroom. Make sure any of them are leaking and, if they are, wrench and fix it yourself! Some leakages for taking five minutes later a few leaks will be fatal for fuset.
Turn that TV off – Before leaving your television room, make sure that Both Your set box and your television is off. You can think it's OK to turn it off once or to stop running the television, but the cost can be added quickly, especially if you turn off the red set box but leave the television!


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