How To Prepare For GDPR If You’re Self Employed


F & # 39; May 2018, will introduce new regulations GDPR businesses and IPP Self-employed individuals. The GDPR (General Regulations, Data Protection) are a set of rules that companies must follow to ensure compliance with legal requirements. If you are self-employed then you need to take responsibility for the data that you have. It is important to know exactly x & # 39; involvement full review GDPR, and how to prepare for change.

Perform Data Verification

If you have data on external hard drives, USB, files and folders, servers, emails, databases, paper documents and your mobile phone, then it is essential to make a check. By doing this, you can & # 39; address data it collects, why do you need to store the data and who is able access date. By looking at your data, you can & # 39; evaluate methods & # 39; Your current security and see if they are effective.

The best way to keep your checking account is to use spreadsheet, Detailing & # 39; what data you have and the actions to be taken.

Helpful Information

Adherence to the regulations GDPR m & # 39; should not be complicated. If you already have data protection procedures in place then it is likely to not have to make many changes.

Although the new regulations apply to many, there are some exceptions. Use this assessment tool to check whether you need to make changes.


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