How to make your own bird food


Can & # 39; be very difficult to make food & # 39; Birds, but here is a guide to safe food & # 39; birds safely done, nutritious Delicious for birds and bring them back in your garden.


The fruit is a good addition to the recipe of food your bird. Is b & # 39; strong and safe for all birds. Try to stick with berries and fresh fruit, but also a little experiment. Search & # 39; what birds visit your garden and researched what would prefer fruit.

Peanuts and peanut butter

Both foods are good for birds. Be sure to use only non-salted peanuts, salted peanuts because the risk of & # 39; dehydration birds.

Lard and suet

Both options are very good for birds because they are very vibrant and heating in the colder months.


Simple and to the point, sunflower seeds and the seed of najra are very good for birds. These seeds are very nutritious and will be more b & # 39; health for different species & # 39; bird. The Nyger stuff is very small and not useful for bird feeder. This is quite different from sunflower seeds, which are far better for the bird feeder.

When making food your bird, try to mix and match and find the best combination for birds that visit your garden.


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