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iPhone 7 is a smartphone developed, manufactured and sold by Apple Inc. release In September 2016, to succeed iPhone 6S Plus and iPhone 6S smartphones. The phone has good cameras, new color selections and enhanced water resistance.

It can be bought in Great Britain and around the world. If you're interested in talking about buying or buying iPhone 7, this feature shows its features.

Quality and design

It has the same design iPhone 6S and 6 digital photos. Aluminum has a great look with unibody and curved edges, making it a great way to make your phone more comfortable and shift on the side of the screen.

The phone has a 7000 series of aluminum, which makes it even more flexible than overweight, allowing you to feel the premium premium. In terms of heat, the battery is not an easy solution. Actually, 5g lower than the previous one.

Camera design

The rear of the phone has increased the number of cameras, and is still running smoothly when the camcorder around the camera removes the aluminum rim. Despite the fact that most modern cameras are welcomed, the existing iPhone 6S and 6 panels do not fit in with iPhone 7, even though the same look.

Water resistant

IPhone 7 is Apple's first water-resistant phone. Therefore, it is necessary to stay alive for up to 30 minutes at a depth of up to a meter in the water. But for any reason it can damage water, Apple does not cover it. So you need to pay for mirroring or replacing it.

Please review

Apple once in three years decided (750×1334), Samsung is running fast as competitors like Samsung have the option of updating the resolution. For example, the 324ppy of the iPhone 7 can not compete with its normal competitor – Galaxy S7 577.

Even so, Apple has let the technology on the screen become more clear and clear to the users.

The iPhone 7 is an amazing, incredible and incredibly smart phone equipped with advanced design, advanced cameras and battery power. If you are are taken into account An upgrade will help you in this endeavor.


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