Elections and marriage


Today, there are two types of voters outside the polling stations. Those who brought themselves, those who were brought, those who were brought to themselves, would liberate liberalism that they could go to their desired political party and cast the vote. And name
Most of the houses that have been brought from homes may be the first worker or workers to put them to a particular political post and create a guide and say only click on the mark and handbook, you know it!
Today, there will be FATA and most of the most voted Karachi voters. FATA people will first be able to maintain their representation based on their views based on the larger ideology, and most of Karachi's most likely voters will be eligible for them after 30 years.
The last time he had voted in 1988, after that, his number was in the Aircraft Boxing Box. Today, suspend the Master's vote box, vote, and show unexpected results.
Based on religion and profession in Karachi
The most important campaign in the election campaign is unstable and distributed.
Transport candidates in the field of election are also active
Balochistan also has voting in Balochistan, how it is going to happen, but this is why, to answer this question, to identify or choose Balochistan. Balochistan is the only province in all four provinces, there are many votes for the last few years and the candidate needs more votes. Even if a hundred and fifty people use hundreds of votes. This is a sad democracy;
I would like to have a little difference, the boy saw another. Let's go back after the meetings, go and go to the mother's father. Mother and father have been administered. What he wants to do is to marry a husband if he or she is married, then God will leave you. New decision is my life, Allah.
But why many people are preparing for the current elections, because today voters and box boxes have some weddings. Find your fathers' fathers. What should be done in a flute, the food will be, who will be the judge, how many times, and will be married once again, how much will it be, who will reduce the girl's head three times, and who will get air, Acceptable. Evidence of everything
Girl's girl only plays the role of dancing and leaves the shade of the prayer prayers. The rest of the day should be seen by the elders.

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Can a girl be better than such a wedding, goes from the window to another, and goes to another place, but who is with someone?
All these emotions are close to heart and mind, but if you remain in the community, you will participate in the wedding.
If it is a change, it should not be necessary, if you are able to keep the position of itself self-control, then the lion behind.
If I give Logar Saba the vote, I promise that the vote will come back, if I give the promise of heaven, I will vote for a breakthrough, then the new Pakistan's exhibition, the MQM's death Afraid
If I vote for the Jirga, but MMA parties have been implemented by Islam since the 1970s, and Islam is not loyal to implementing their hands .If I vote for the people, I do not know what it thinks . With lion or a suspect or both?
Nine new Nasir works well, but talks about things that are interesting in Facebook, if one can vote one or more, but I do not want to make sure Imran Khan's oldest Would he vote?
In the first round, with the help of media, the mind also decided. But when every channel and newspaper has fallen in political parties or kings then why do I vote?
My steps go to the polling station, but at every stage, I was the son of Statts Hassan Manto, Toba Tek Singh Singh. Harp the Gregory of Anthony Bharat Meg, the Pakistani Tuba Tank Singh.
I want to go to New Zealand, but I would like to stay in the former Pakistan. I would like to go to the polling center at the polling center. I would like to cut the box paper into pieces.
Do not let me go. I do not want to go. I do not want to lose
The heart is prevented from entering, but the brain stays away. Show the identity card, look at this paper, follow-up, please. Everywhere you feel free to accept what is happening in Argentine's wedding, is accepted, blessed. Is the voter not important, who is counted?
But I'll never go to my business. You must vote today but you are not sure. The only vote does not distinguish this point. Voters fear that voters are scared. Democracy is very sad.


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