Elections 2018: What would it be to make the organization successful in the election?


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The organization who wanted to raise the voice for Pashtun rights in Pakistan, was part of the general election of Waziristan, was an independent leader of the Pashtuns' movement, Mohsin Dada and Ali Wazir.
During the election campaign, M. Mehsud Daud, head of the election campaign, had various allegations about Pakistan's government before the elections in the NA-48 constituency of tribal areas of North Waziristan.
One day before the election day, he wrote on his Twitter that "military establishments" and "security forces" tried to prevent their followers from starting the campaign.

Is the target intended for the purpose of PT?
PTM: Request to establish a reconciliation commission
On the other hand, he also threatened that the government would keep you.
Remember that the protection of the Pashtuns has improved the benefits of past months, since Mehsud Wader and Ali Wazir were independently participated in the election and the head of the organization was the leader of the leadership.
Despite all the allegations, Mehsud Wahidat and Ali Wazir were both participating in the 2013 elections 2013, NA-48 and the Waziristan National Assembly's constituency NA-48, but they were not successful.
Mohsin Dawood got 16496 votes and the nomination of Misbah-ul-Haq Mubarak candidates. In this election, 35 candidates participated in the election, Ali Ali (Mohammad Ali) got 23530 votes with NA-50 votes. Independent candidate Syed Tariq Gilani was in the second position of 8250 votes.

Image date Many people suggest that some PTM officials participate in the "under" case of election that the obvious goal is to reduce the movement.
Standards for Agencies
Some of the supporters of PTM supporters and analysts Mehsud Wad and Ali Wazir criticized the fact that due to their participation in the election, there is a possibility of PTM's reputation.
Mohsen Wahar, who was present in his ring, told the BBC that he was difficult with election campaigns, but his support was much more that nobody could stop his followers.
When asked whether he was still raising voice about criticism and right over Pakistan's institutions, he said that he never made a deal nor criticized him and raised the voice for rights.
As first the use of voice and use of human rights, they will also do this. That will also work outside of parliament and it does not have any agreement. If I agree, I also presented tickets to parties.

Copyright copy ALI WAZIR / TWITTER Image date Ali Wazir (Mohammad Ali) successfully won 23530 votes from NA-50

T for profit or loss
Did Mr. W. Ward and Ali's parliament have the effect of PTM, in response, he said, when the provincial team was offered in the election campaign, we went there.
"It is not so difficult to lead the PTM leadership with the parliament because PTM is for that, parliamentary politics will be the same."
Dr. Khalid Hussain, the first analyst at PTM, thinks that the PTM miscellaneous will be as a good benefit than the Ministers.
He said, "Tehreek-e-Insaf should face many problems in conducting its activities, but now, if such problems arise with PTM, they will raise their voices in Parliamentary parliamentary parliamentary parliamentary parliament. . "
Khalid Hussein will leave the leading leaders without reply, if the organization strengthens its institutional structure, it is a youth organization and according to them, they offer youth leadership and according to them, they offer youth leadership and They are pleased.

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Benefits of Parliament in Parliament
Khalid Hussein said that Parliament has its own procedures and in the midst of them, they speak to Parliament in any legal requirements and issues.
Tribal journalist, Ahmad Daud told BBC News that if Mehsud Daud and Ali Wazir join the political parties in the federal government, it would be very useful for him as Tahir Khan Imran Khan, former chairman for the legal requirements. Acknowledgment Organization.
"Tehreek-e-Insaf does not stand with his money against the Ali Wazir, and I think that this organization will create a good way to parliament to get the legitimate demands of the Tehreek-e-Insaf party."
PTM founder, Putin spoke successfully with Mehsud Wahdat and Ali Wazir, told BBC that there is no non-political organization and no relation with politics.
Leaders of the upper house raised their voices for the PTM in parliament, he said: "No one can raise a voice or raise the parliament, but the PTM is a public organization and will usually make public interest."


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