Elections 2018: What Problems Should Candidates Come to People And Answer People's Answers? & # 39;


Punjab Punjab has 40 seats from the National Assembly and Provincial Councils in Lahore. In the last few days, many candidates in the city were asked to vote in the city.
It is also part of the PML-N candidates for the Provincial Council Billal Yassin. Burning in the open Ram, they open their office with motorcycles and motorcycles in motorcycles and motorcycles throughout the local road.
Special coverage of the BBC in Pakistan
The sound of sorrow and sorrow goes to the inner-colored roadways in the noise, on the other hand, they continue to be kept in some places.
In a few hours, the purpose of this process is clearly seen in this part that voters should remember who is the party candidate, and what he has done.
Jobs and politics: We need one another
Do not want to rob us for media & # 39;
Shafiq Mangal: From the "Terrorism" for the election
As the election day is seen, the trains will be less and more released. There is an opportunity to give an opportunity to talk to people as well as to the discussion. At least the candidates had a home-made campaign.
This is the type of election in the country. Dr. Omar Ali Jan and his contemporary youth deny this process. Their argument is simple in this process, the voters are very good.
According to them naturally, like the last five years, the next five years can also be found out of the ring. They say that in terms of democratic needs in Pakistan, the city's concept of municipalities.

What's Town Hall?
There are no available The school hall may be a place or center in an area or a circle that people can join and talk with their problems.
Election candidates are part of the discussion. From Town Hall, they have their own problems and their problems.
They should answer people's questions. His talent positively brings his ideas and ideas in a positive way. They do not have an opportunity to get out of the process of this process.
During the last three youth youths, youngsters will help you in relatively early and earlier areas in Lahore. The final result of this series was built in a factory building in the Soho-e-Suhan area.
Talking to BBC, Omar Ali Jan said: "This was the purpose that people can talk together with the region and raise their questions, then these questions should be kept in front of the circle.
Dr. Omar Ali Jan is the founder of the People's Movement Foundation and is studying at the University of Lahore in F.C. and his colleagues, students and various local university students.
After picking up a place instead of Emirates, boys were sitting there, high-speeders, bars, and bars.
Remember the girls' memories to invite the women, while watching the bridge on the street and seeing the people later. Spiral candidates were also present but were waiting for the evening.

What does this differ?
The most powerful class is to stay in the Soha village, people are returning from work after sunset. Get the first women at the specified time. Most of them included domestic women.
Young people feel their astonishment and amazement that makes common feelings of astonishment and happiness. Some leaders brought their facts together, then the narrations started in anger.
But the candidates are also in political traditions. Then the question is, what is the difference between the two?
Dr. Omar said that featuring Town Hall is an opportunity to ask the general to ask for the candidate.
Democracy means that people should ask. They can ask the authorities what your plan is, what plans are, and why you do not meet with the latest statements.
If you also do this opportunity, then democracy will be very silent.

Question can also be asked at home?
On the other hand, political leaders believe that even in the home campaign people get their answers.
In the election campaign, the candidate of the National Assembly of the League, Bilal Asan recently spoke to the BBC after long term, told them that the people who gave them a lot to give them: People: People Know how much work we have done.
There are complaints there, but I do not have such a sharp elements, and I do not answer those who are only politically resisting the political opponents. His sign was represented by video makers.
We answer our Lord. "But he said that people are asking questions at home-based campaigns.
However, is it answered or not? What are you given? Dr. Amar does not consider the individual's questioning method.
Should we usually discuss. If the US president comes against us against opposition, what are the problems of our candidates to come to public and respond to the public questions?
That's why Town Hall is small but concentrated. Many of the townships are available in a circle – the election campaign is going on in them. The Committee is working on various issues that even solve the issue of solving the election.

Image date Bilal Aslan
Candidate failed
One effect found that they did not come and they did not come. This process started at a time and did not stand for the candidates. One effect found that they did not come and they did not come.
Dr. Amir said, he invited the constituency candidates. "Some come, some come and people who have fear of people, they have not come." Party representative was not included in addition to the public service party.
Hearing PML-N candidates of the National Assembly heard that he could come but could not. Dr. Amir said the lack of candidates in the last Town Hall was a major issue.
Do not know why the envoy is afraid of the fear. If people put hands on them, but if people ask, the agents insult.
He said it is the reason why traditions need to be considered to public opinion. And it's & # 39; Town Hall & # 39; The meaning is possible.
Representatives should therefore come. They will be forced. If there are available, they will not have drinking water available in the area, while the problem of disposal of waste material is in front of people's questions.
Especially a woman wants to know that there is a drinking water in the area. Drinking clean water was infected with hypophysics.
Chaveb also had an hour about Town Hall. A few days ago, he heard his water coming to the river. It is known that they are the original insects.
Listen to 'Guitar Guitar' in the graphics … & # 39; But Dr. Amar and his colleagues had endangered Town Hall, "After five years they will succeed here in the city room."


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