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During the final elections of Pakistan, there are dozens of incidents that videos are published in social media, which can be seen between voters and political representatives.
Most of the time-to-day questions increase the electoral representation of their constituencies and the last five years of political representation. This tradition is very new in Pakistan.
How many people have you seen, if anyone has questions? There was no effect overall in the overall campaign of campaign election.
At the election campaign, during the election campaign, candidates who face face challenges are in reaching millions of people in social media to work out social media and then get to the Telescope screen.
Such incidents of roads are not only the effectiveness of this candidate's campaign, but also makes other types of incidents in other parts of the country, is there a new tradition in Pakistan?
If this happens, then the beginning of the beginning will be young Saifuddin, 28, of the remote villages of Punjab province.
It's all the women's good luck.
If there is fear, political announcements will also be affected "

Image date: General elections in Pakistan will be on July 25
Five years?
Saifuddin is a teacher at a private school in Dha Ghazi Khan city, Saifuddin Khel is located in the area of ​​Rationation, from 70 km to Darira, Darra Ghazi Khan tribe area and Baloch family, Junbesh located here This is
The current leader of his nation, former President Farooq Lariari, is the leader and senator Jamal Khan Khan leader and former leader. Their family is thousands of acres of land and their families are part of power.
However, on the 16th of the month, when he arrived in Raven, with his guards, he came to Saifuddin, who spent 12,000 rupees.
He tried to escape from the sudden meetings, although Saifuddin and some of them stopped their way.
Saifuddin asked him to be absent for five years and demanded a vote today. Jamal Talari responded to her that she did not ask for voting but was condemned for funeral ceremonies to her family.
There a number of people told him that he would be tortured for the past five years.
All talk talks with Saifuddin partner's mobile phones, Jamal Laghari.
One of his colleagues tried to explain to Saifuddin that he should not be angry and sitting in a rest.
The answer was found, I'm not angry, sir is angry. We will watch this video in social media that it is honorable for us to meet our minister after five years.
He also does not have a clean drinking water in the area that his family had won for decades. Basic facilities are not available, basic facilities are not consistent with the standards. In response, Jamal Larry asked him to have a 45-kilometer road.
Here are a number of leaders presenting that the end will end the matter that Saeeduddin does not insist that we will get to the end, as we have the right to answer. After other talks, Jamal Leari remained with his colleagues.

Image date Saifuddin is an instructor at Dera Ghazi Khan's private school
The question is to ask
Saifuddin is a teacher at the Dara Ghazi Khan Private School and lives in a small room in his host and also named his name.
Saeeduddin Patang and the middle class say he is with Pak Army and therefore he has given himself a title to the smallest commands.
He studied in Central Asia and today, Iqbal conducts a private board from Azad University. She was childish, and made a committee for some time in her city cricket.
Outside the city, within a few kilometers of conversation, Bibi spoke in Bibi-e-Bay area, he said, on day one, he asked questions of a gentleman who was later deported from a female site in the area. At that time due to the arrival of the hospital.
There is no proper hospital in our area. Does not have a doctor or medicine that is it. Therefore, this woman goes to Dar Ghazi Khan city and delayed due to lack of road. They defeated at the same time. .
He said such incidents have already happened. There are also no basic basic needs of their mountains, where electricity and clean water are the main issues.
Water is not there. Similar people use rain water basins. The condition of this segment is that drinking water with animal and animal.
The decades that are the problems they forced to ask. I do not have any personalities. I just asked him to solve the problems.

Fast digital calculations?
Saifuddinuddin came to the internet after the Dera Ghazi Khan city when the video came to the internet. In several hours, he saw his video and got his television channels.
After the violations of this video, many incidents in Punjab and Sindh were especially in Pakistan, where the voter performs its functionality during the election period for the last five years.
The quickest digital accounting video was also virus-free. Digital estimate This tradition is very effective that millions of people are in social media use in the millions in Pakistan.
According to the Pakistan Telecommunication Company, it has increased five million in the year to use 3G and 4G services in Pakistan. According to Punjab Information Technology Board, the number of social media users in Pakistan 5.5 million
The number of visitors in the television is about three million. Whenever smartphone and internet access are available, social media comes to millions of minutes in a row.
When this virus is transmitted, TV also transmits channels. There is no internet presence on Saifuddin village, but there are smart phones. People are capable of getting homemade, saving money through saving money.
The Internet uses them after the day is accessed. Now, smartphone person has the ability to have digital accountability capabilities. And these people also exist in the remote villages of Saifuddin.

Candidates Do Not Answer?
Most of the candidates who were facing accountability at the last campaign's electoral campaign, did not respond to most questioners.
The former member of the National Assembly and the PML-N candidate, Rabbani Afzal Khan, from Punjababad Faisalabad, is also facing the questions that they face. They believe that this method actually comes in the Blackmail category.
He said, if someone else does not steal and ask me about me, at least let's see that this is not my job. There are district organizations.
He said that the members of the National Council of Ministers have their duty to go to the Parliament and participate in the law.
Now a person is equipped with the country's economy, and our media wants to respond to the response.
Rana Afzal Khan is the Minister of Punjab.
However, why do politicians never respond to mobile videos?
Rana Afzal believes that in the course of campaigning, one should not take a long time to discuss, one day, many places and coat meetings should be done. They say they do not ask questions individually, but the question will be found.
I hope the people in our country make problems like roads and robbery and asked the agents how they play role in implementing law in the country.


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