Elections 2018: The ability to vote for four million women, is not listed in the list of nearly four million dollars.


Now Nadira's office was almost four years ago, I am still stuck, escaped but nothing has happened.
Looking at the documents of the Hat, Starvation appeared in the form of Leela's Troll and the Titus Cork from the Hindu Dot Society.
He strives to bring identification cards for four years because Pakistan is a hard-earned computer card card.
I can not open a bank account, nor can I get help under the revenue support program, I can not vote.
Elections in Pakistan and 25 July will be held for the national and provincial council seats. According to the Election Commission, the eligible women in Pakistan are more than four million, out of which one million and 218,000 thousand are not included in the voter's list.
Like Lila, these women will leave their right to vote. It is a major argument that there is no computer card because they were not included in the election list. Lowperperts are not eligible to vote due to lack of cash cards.

Image date Lela is also entitled to use millions of millions of women as well
A few kilometers from twelve women were gathered at the residence of Basil Bulani. Television is also a fanatic and participating in the forthcoming elections as an independent candidate. The biggest challenge to them is that voters' names and supporters are not included in electoral lists.
When we arrived there, addressing the identity cards of Pakistan was to a team that was captured. This card is very important. This is a proof that you are a citizen of Pakistan, it is also necessary for you if you want a money support program for the Benazir Bhutto Development Program.
According to the Election Commission of Pakistan, the number of female voters in the Tatarstan district is more than a million and while there are more than two decades in which election rolls are not recorded.
Although the idea of ​​establishment does not understand women's argument, the main reason is poverty. "He says:" Most of them do not pay, and they can not go to the registration office from far-reaching areas, "he says.
They also say that time is needed to bring their brothers or family members or other documents. All of them are impossible for them.

Image date: The Election Commission of Pakistan, the number of female voters in Thiruvarkar district is more than half a million.
According to Basil, some of them go twice and cut it down for the meeting.
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But not just pressing his political voice but also left behind social security.
In recent years, the district district is in news due to the newborn and Peshawar's death. The government has started a number of schemes for the mother and child health, but these women do not even work because of their wedding cards.
Anonymous Directorate of Net Database and Registration Officer said that the National Income Support Program has played an important role in identifying this, because the card is a necessary condition to identify financial assistance under this program.
He said in the past several years, thousands of women of Takhar has begun to know the identity cards they received from government funding and wheat.

Image date He says, he will help with the documents of women
Unfortunately, women's identification cards were deployed in this area, so they should get the most recognized numbers, but still thousands of women missing from the need of identification.
The telescope is followed by this situation and says that it will help itself through documents with women.
He said that it is a political barrier for our friendship community. It is believed that we are not seriously in the political field and we do not care ourselves because our people do not vote in the election.
According to Basil, his community is now trying to solve the problem. However, the issue of female identification documents is not limited to merely the trader and it will take time to time, and millions of women will lose their vote in the 2018 elections. .


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