Elections 2018: Smart Font A Complete Televised Channel?


Web channels or social media pages are viewed very large in recent elections. Everyone who visits social media websites or web-channels, goes on announcements for candidates in their respective areas.
Swat has seven web sites with local web television channels, which are also reported in live publications and regional issues, including live-based reporting.

Special coverage of the BBC Urdu in the elections
In the streets or streets of Swat cities, where traditional television channels, social media youths and DSLR cameras also look animated.
Currently, a social media clip was created in Swat, which is up to 25.
Northern news works as a web site. Mohammad Shazaz, the channel's channel, said that relatively popular people of these newspapers and news channels are affiliated with social pages and web channels and are going to Swat.
He said that many people were influenced during the military operation in Maldives, on that day people had access to the latest updates to the web through Internet access. "This trend is now intensifying."

Image date Works in News Channel in Web-Channel and Social Media Channels Cork,Lakki Marwat's Mark TV channel and most Ismail Khan in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa district.
If two people on the road make a photo or video from a mobile phone, it is not necessary to have a personal photo or video, but most of the time it appears in the market and swat markets to report social media services.
This trend is not available in Swat but also in other cities.
Webcasting and social media channels of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa work in Lakshar Marwat Murwari TV and Ismail Ismail Khan news channel in Karkakot district.
There is no social network or web channels available, no longer required for the required equipment, but only a smartphone is all the way. You can be a good journalist and receive respectful jobs, but this condition is a trend towards your journalism.
This coverage locals are easily accessible on the Internet access to their smartphone phones and therefore, Swat News in Swat Swat. Com has been liked to the number of people liked to 9.
Many candidates in this election are related to the next social media. Meetings and observations are easily distributed in public media and channels.
Ghulam Farooq, head of the local newspaper newspaper, says it is an effective and fast step. They say people are now coming and whether they have been accidentally or accidentally, newspapers or news channels do not wait for further details, but they come directly to social media, pictures, news and videos.
He said that there is no publication from the government, no one wants to do any of these channels, nor does he require a license.
There is no law available for dynamic channels in social media as it can work with permission. That is why many times also record complaints about channels that publish channels.


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