Elections 2018: Relationship with India was not related to the election?


Election activities increase Pakistan's day daily. Candidates examine the possibilities of voting for people's hearts and vote in their own right.
Although elections in Pakistan do not differ from political parties in political parties, but there is a difference.

Special Briefing of the BBC Urdu
There is no problem with India in Pakistan's elections that the politicians have made their speeches and general meetings.
Analysts Imtiaz Alam says that relations between political parties are found in Indian relations, but political agenda often goes into local issues. He said about the election campaign, it is based on Nawaz Sharif or discrimination.
On the other hand, political analysts in India say that in the presidency of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the Indian Janta Party used to use a political strategy of India and Muslim-based children, not only to support extremist Hindus but the Congress also defeated its political opponent. .
In 2014, such political strategy guarantees the success of the BBC in India and has followed this strategy.
Recently, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi in December and in the Rajasthan and Bihar, former Prime Minister for Planning. He said that the plan was conducted with the Pakistan High Commissioner before dinner.
Even Shah Shah, the Spring BJP president, said that if they are the winners of the competition, celebrations will be celebrated in the festival.
Senior Pakistani journalist Reza Ramomi says, "Pakistan is very popular about the misconduct of election politics."
"Earlier, the Indian Jita Party leadership led the Pakistani leadership to join Pakistan in various conflicts and conflicts. It is very interesting that with reducing religious extremism in Pakistan, India insists."

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Earlier this year, there was a lot of difference between the Jinnah photo in the Algebra Muslim University, the picture of the war was present for the past 80 years, but the BJP continued to attack the students of Hindu extremist universities, as well as The Jinnah photo was not removed from this place.
Imtiaz Alam says, "India is associated with the generation of Hindus in India and it has a special significance about national issues in the country."
All of these issues have been implemented on the BJP.
Imtiaz Alam said: "But the national policy in Pakistan, the national security issue is in the army, and the politicians are not important in this matter." Therefore, Amin Scholars are not considered as a part of the campaign. They do not talk about foreign politics.
Journalist Rumi Romi also agreed. He says that India's largest political parties in India are similar to that.
All political parties want new friendly relations and do not want war.
But in the election campaign in Pakistan, it is important to discuss issues related to India.
Immediate scholars say lack of water is from them.
Pakistan Muslim League-N President Shahbaz said recently in an interview that India's destruction has affected the growth rate of India. Shahbaz Sharif expressed his desire to build a good economic relationship with India.
But there are some other issues. Shortly ago, former Prime Minister of Pakistan announced about Mumbai attack.
Nawaz Sharif responded to the newspaper daily, saying that the government of Pakistan has been illegally expelled from the border due to the withdrawal of unmanned elements, where more than 150 people were killed.
He said, why did not we prosecute Mumbai?
In this statement, he has voiced many voices in the country. Although Romy says it's not new.
He said that the Pakistan government acknowledged that the invaders were non-government elements who passed away from the road and entered India but it was said that they have no connection with the Pakistani government.
Imtiaz Alam says, this problem has not been about electoral matters, but it is said that Nawaz Dostum is a partner with Indian traders and politicians.
Whoever is a conservative carriers of Modi's friendship, this slogan is especially popular in left parties and Jamiatuddin.
Imtiaz Alam said that some jihadists are keen towards politics, but they are not publicly given it.
"For some recent times, the Urdu itself has welcomed India's peace and dialogue, and they are not in the pressure to control stress on the basis of control."
That is why India is not currently engaged in the agenda. Analysts believe that people of Pakistan and politicians are very concerned about the violations of Kashmir's human rights in India, but they are unable to get any special place in the election campaign.


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