Elections 2018: Mid-Class did not pay attention to the educated class.


The Baluchistan capital has dozens of badges and posters in the Quetta city, which also has Yasmin-a-photo, who are competing to the general seat from the CB-32, before that, he is a member of the Balochistan Assembly's special seats.
Yasmin Burdi says women are determined to have special seats about special quarters that have won party members, while women themselves fight in general seats and are entitled to the people.
He says that in the jirga, it does not feel that we have come to a seat, it's brave and the belief can be a war against the people.

Pakistan's 2018: Special Appendix
Yasmin Beware is a member of the Wildlife Forest, Environment, Irrigation Committee, while some work has also been held in the meeting meeting.
Yasmine Burdi says that the number of women is very low. When they come to a part of the political system, slowly the mindset of people has changed.
We are not a brief summary, used to be used in special seats for the first female custom types or various political families used as formulas .Therefore, their families used their safety seat, but now Determined to continue.

Image date Yasmin Boochi acknowledged that women have the opportunity to attend public meetings
Yasmin Brahimi said that members of the Parliament who had won for many years and they looted them, and even did not have problems with the people.
There are also a number of women who have come home for the third time, but their function was not good than the special seats, but to the people like people, they defeated the midwife.
I got myself upset
Elections 2018: How Female Does Politics? & # 39;
If the woman chooses, the election will also stand.
For the first time in Balochistan, for the first time in the elections, large women attend the elections, while former Yasmine Buridi, former Prime Minister Rahimullah Durani, former Minister of Federal Minister Zebed Jalal, but all the parties participating in the participation of all parties Is not available
Yasmine Borie acknowledged that the participation of women in public gatherings is very low, but the role of women in the election and the election is very high. Women's population is 52%, with their attention, we are thinking about it, you know less. But if the woman does not participate in the election process, so far, our political system is the mainstream system.
Most candidates are male candidates on the PB32 seat in the Sarabab Road, Quetta City, which are related to political and religious parties, like local tribes.

Image date Yasmine Boridi says that her circle has problems with women, children, disabled people and youth.
As governing under the leadership of Dr. Bass, it was believed that the middle class, who increased the power, increases the speed of progress in the provinces.
Yasmine Burdi says that her circle has problems with women, children, disabilities and youth. We have not given the value of youth, health and education problems will be my focus and my focus will be focused on the law.
The National Party has a part of several years of coalition government in Balochistan, which is strongly criticized in recent elections. Yasmin Burdi says what happens in the party's party is facing many problems, it is clear that the expectations of people are very high and who is the basic constitution of Balochistan, which governments make up there is never a party government. . Vineyard is always a common government.
"The coalition government has its own problems and problems, including those who have been the player of the year and have won over the years, they pay attention to their traditional seats and keep their work in mind and try to keep their minds healthy. Do it.


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