Elections 2018: If the fears, political announcements will also be effective.


Nearly five footsteps, small shops in both sides, enjoy favorable parties at the door and at the shops' shops, people go to the shops, boxes, and political leaders of the party.
It is a great war near Kash Kash Bazaar from Peshawar to the past print edition of Peshawar, where the elections arrive in Pakistan.
Candidates begin to start banners, banners, sticks, rifles and drums beginning by campaigning by political parties and candidates, and will work for ten hours to 12 hours working in regular hours.
Advertising campaigns have important positions in the election. Candidates and political parties believe that advertising campaigns will be strong, for the possibility of winning the candidate is more.
According to the rules of the Election Commission, the National Assembly candidates could spend 40 million and the provincial council candidates could announce $ 20 million on the advertising campaign.
But now the question arises if it is in fact if the candidates think.
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In response to this question, Mohammad Shoaib told the BBC that the importance of advertising is very important, but they themselves first try to know who they are, their families and theirs.
I'm looking for 50% advertisements and 50% of myself nominate. This announcement is very important as the voter because the candidate's signature can be held.

Another resident said he did not believe in the announcement. According to Hazrat Ali, he voted for a similar party for several years and he voted for the candidate's candidate from his constituency.
In addition to traditional advertising campaigns in Pakistan, new methods have also been created. It is considered as the most important social media.
There are different pages in the festival by election candidates and political parties who share their views with their clients and speak directly with them.
"Non-non-conventional advertising campaigns are now much higher in the traditional advertising campaigns, because non-non-conventional advertising platforms, like a photographer, can directly talk to their support, and it is said that there is also a nutritional status.

The research has also been conducted on the effects of behavioral behavior of worldwide universities. According to the study, Pakistan's Punjab University was held in 2013, it does not affect the behavior of the client in Pakistan.
Due to the research, it is written that the Pakistan society, particularly in rural areas, reduces personality in rural areas and the political party is very important, and it is a political party supporting the candidate to stand
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Public experts are seen with another angle. Dr. Altafullah Khan is professor of propaganda department in Peshawar University.
They believe that the & # 39; Magic Magic & # 39; The known frying salmon was used in the 50s when the desert was after the big war.

The same stand-in program has got a key standpoint, as well as about the news about publication sources such as television and newspapers about how many people believe.
According to this principle, one message will be sent to the public and people believe that they do not have any other way to investigate this message.
According to Hotel Khan Khan, the intimidation was originally used for 50 hours even after public opinion and was also successful by the commentators who had performed.

We will now monitor what we did not talk to.
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They told the BBC that the politicians still use the frightening atmosphere as it is found in Pakistan that the country is threatened to Pakistan, because the country will be afraid of Pakistan as such.

When this fear comes, the effect of the announcement is, and people believe in these announcements, but by using similar temperatures, politicians can not make changes in public behavior after informal media. Many people now study themselves.
But Altaf Khan told that this effect is in urban and rural areas. He says that many aspects in urban areas have problems in the country and how they can solve and in urban areas it is more than the rural areas.
According to them, there is a realistic politics, where every announcement is less visible and its impact is not high because older people are often nominated.


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