Election Commissioners want to vote for women


According to local candidates, there are problems due to the problem, but those who voted for the voters, make problems to voters in the North Waziristan Khyber Pakhtunkhwa district.
He said that his responsibility will be implemented on the election commission.
After joining tribal areas, election activities continue to be noisy and all the candidates are in touch with their voters.
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Why is FATA's electoral campaign a part of unity?
North Waziristan candidates say that polling stations are removed from women's polling stations and many stations are in villages of other tribes.
Malik Nisar Ali Khan supports the IEC, told the BBC that the NA-48 NA-48 ministers of the election constituency and Umar Umar tribe are residential, and polling centers polling for women's tribal areas. Are for the last centers. Ministers of Doho tribes of tribal areas and women of Wahhab tribe are ministers in the tribal areas.
According to Nisar Ali Khan, all the candidates and countries in all the constituencies believe that women's polling centers will be built in their own area, but they will think about the movement of the election.
Pakhtun Conservation Movement activist, the prosecutor participates in the election from the defense constituency constituency. He said during his message in social media that he wants to record the record in the election scheme that the Election Commission is trying to make women not voted
He said that if ten percent of women's votes are not implemented, this will be handed over to the Election Commission.
There are reports that some polling centers in North Waziristan have been built in the training center, where the wings are searched and women will be difficult there.

Photo Gallery of gallery Image date In recent times the number of voters in the last counting and the voter registration has increased.
In this election, in every part of the women's vote should be ten percent, but the consequences of this will be stopped.
Regarding this, social activist working for tribal women rights, Rukhshad Nazar told BBC News that the amendment of the rules for election in 2017 should be 10%.
He said, in the process of campaigning against women in Wabi and later in the campaign, they demanded voting for women voters in the 2017 election.
According to this law, if the voting is restricted on the day of voting or if the woman is prevented from voting, the outcome of the election can be described by the Return Officers.
Number of voters in remote areas increased the number of voter registration and voter registration numbers, and surprisingly showed 36 percent of female voters.
However, it is still seen that 25 July women will use this right.


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