Election 2018: What is the right way to vote?


In Pakistan, in the general elections on Wednesday, around 10 million voters are going to use their own right vote, but before leaving the polling station, instructions on a given vote on the issue, so that you can not solve problems and your vote is lost
The most important thing in the Election Commission's directive is your national identity card, because the votes only can be used if they only identification cards are only if they are more likely not. Apart from the original ID card, its photocopy will be copied neither nor the identification document, including any other driver's license, passport, will be identified.
Also, remember that the polling station is not permitted for cameras or phones, and women do not have their manual bags, because in this case you can face difficulty and mobile phones and bags in a safe place. I may have trouble.
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How can your vote be lost?
There is a phase of voting after the actual identification card, in which case your vote can be removed from the procedure in lost, and in every general election, the same number also has a good number of votes that are rejected. Is given
So in order to avoid this situation, the Election Commission has issued a directive like the past, which is the first step to get your belt paper first and then see if there is a official code mark. And with this there is a Presidency Officer for signing, and there is a commission of watermark, if so, your belt paper is not used and if voted, it will not count.
Secondly, use the official seal provided by the Election Commission staff and it consists of official seal of small boxes.
Sometimes this information comes to the notice that the voter voted for his candidate to assume that the vote was given to him, some sign on the belt paper, such as a paper or any kind or a sign from the pen etc. If any of these marks were shown on the ballot paper, then understand that your vote is definitely lost.
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The third most important thing that almost all the voters think that they can only vote for one candidate in the national and provincial constituency. In this case, just seal in front of your candidate's signature mark and it should be inside the container.
If multiple marks are sealed, the vote will be lost, but if the mistake is detected on any other mark, then the staff can be referred to if they can guide you. Once the official seal on the candidate's election mark means that you have other ballot papers on the rules under the rules, and you do not need to do anything more.
These days, some videos have been revealed on the social contacts that you can vote on your mark of your vote and mark another mark to show the other candidate's mark. This is absolutely wrong, in that case your vote will be lost.
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The color
The information related to the belt paper is that the green belt paper is for national assembly and the white belt paper is for the assembly assembly, and the colors which are slipped, their colors will be white and green.
A few other amenities and directions
The polling will start at 8 o'clock on Wednesday and evening for six hours at noon. After six o'clock, those who are in the polling station will be able to vote, but no one can come from outside.
The Election Commission deserves preference for elderly, pregnant women, women with children with children, disabled people and polling stations.
Voters, election staff, security personnel and other people at the polling station must ensure that they are confidentiality of the vote.
With the help of a security officer, the security officer should be sure that the voters should be in a peaceful, friendly and safe environment at the polling stations and can not be afraid or threatened to prevent voters from voting at any time.


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