Election 2018: In the place of political gatherings in Balochistan, condolence gatherings


Political activities have been deteriorated after the suicide attack in Mastung area of ​​Balochistan and in the place of political gatherings, tremendous gatherings took place.
In the attack on Friday July 13, the government public party candidate Siraj Rassani killed 149 people and claimed responsibility for the blast.
Mastung has been identified for the past decade for extremism. Last year, Deputy Chairman Senate Maulana Ghafoor Haideri was attacked and Hazara community has been constantly targeted in this area.
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ISI Sindh and Balochistan Chief Ghulam Mustafa Mazari were killed and seven other accomplices in the last year and in this operation in the Pakistani military.
Political parties face religious extremists and Baloch militants at this time in Balochistan. Prior to the elections, their main goals were government installations and forces.
Why Balochistan Peoples Party?

The Balochistan People's Party recently appeared on the political horizons of the province. All the leaders involved in this are in power. Saeed Hashmi, a leader of the organization admits that he is close to the establishment.
'Establishment is a linear line between those parties and establishments living in the government. Now I have been in government four times, I have been senator but I can not work without installation. We are elective and our relations with the establishment. '
Major General Asif Ghafoor, Chief of the Staff Staff's publication, expressed his anger on Siraj Rassani's death over his personal release in which he had both feet on Indian flag.

Photo Copy @peaceforchange@PEACEFORCHANGE
At the same time, an old video is also shared on social media, in which Siraj Rassani stands for a Koran with another person, while armed people pass through it, the song Al-Jihad al-Jazeera continues.
Baloch militant organizations are affiliated with operations against Sajaj Rassani.
The Baloch Peoples Party leader Jam Kamal says that Siraj Rassani was a great patriot.

Photo of AFP AFP Image caption Preparation for election activities in Quetta
They were emotional Pakistani. He described his position openly against India and many things, the element is playing an important role in it.
Siraj Rassani was his brother, former Prime Minister Aslam Rassani. Haji Lashkar Rassani, his second brother combines this attack with foreign policy.
"Our foreign policy is not going to happen and there is a situation where foreign policy is not going to go and will be more complexity. The procurement will not happen because those who make policy are not their policy rollback and now they are trapped in the swing. '
Baloch boycott organizations boycott

Photo of AFP AFP Image caption Pakistani forces had claimed to end the ISIS network in recent years
Another major challenge for the Election Commission and the forces in Balochistan is boycott of militant groups.
In the last election, militant organizations boycotted, which resulted in a decrease in many areas including Aurran, Turbat, Makran, Naseerabad, Kohliwor Dera Bugti.
During the recent election campaign, the attacks on National Party, PML-N and Tehreek-e-Insaf camps are carried out in Aurran, Turbat, Kharwan and Hub, and most of them are joining.
Unexpected attack on militants

Photo of AFP AF PImage caption At least 14 people were killed in a clash in District Mastung district
In Balochistan, for the last decade, the forces continue to have surgical operations especially against the Baloch militants.
These actions have increased in areas where the last elections were boycotted.
Analyst prince Zulfiqar says that the way the forces took action were expected to do this because they existed.
"The strategy of militants is to create more fear and they will come further in coming days so that people can be limited to homes and not in the election. They want to show their presence. '
State support forces

Image caption Balochistan National Party Sardar Akhtar Mengal
The National Party's activities in the last government are limited, while the Balochistan National Party chief Sardar Akhtar Mengal is more active in the recent elections.
Their movements were limited due to security concerns in the last elections.
Before Quetta suicide attack in Mastung, his team was independently participating in the Twenty20 till the election campaign.
Sardar Akhtar Mengal expresses doubts on the promotion of Balochistan Public Party. They say that the militant groups have already boycott and still have this system from, but 'if there are such events from the state and some of the support of the state, if they are in the affairs, they the public.
There are some areas that are under control of the Taliban where there is no government in the state. No one can boycott in those areas, voters' turnout was very low earlier and may still have fewer votes.


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