Dedicated Server Hosting


The type of configuration that is deployed on the server for all types of hosted hosting hosting services unique organization / client. The bag also manages a converted server or hosting service or a dedicated hosting service. This type of hosting can be done at the external center or in the center of information. This kind of server hosting can include host management services that can be controlled by hosts.

Compared to shared server hosting, this type of hosting is more flexible and expensive. Below are some of the advantages of the converted server.


It is guaranteed that customers can take security measures introduction to the journal. So they can distribute a custom firewall or even antivirus.


That's the reason the competitive edge bandwidth, CPU usage, and traffic / blocking. This really works better and more comfortable.


Due to the good performance and consistency of this hosting service, Web sites and common business tasks are always working. Backup services, along with other backup support services, push for a long time to perform tasks smoothly.

Adjustment / Flexibility

Control and freedom provided by a managed hosting service may mean that the server is designed to meet the customer's specific needs. This may include server configurations, software upgrades, and more.


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