Dairy Ismail Khan: The PTI Justice, Akmalala Gandapur died


Candidates and election activities were pre-election in Pakistan, and in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and three other incidents in Balochistan, former provincial ministers were killed and many others were wounded.
According to officials, the attacks were carried out in Chattisgarh district of Balochistan, except Ismail Khan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Southwestern areas.
According to journalist Rafiullah Orakzai, a lot of Isma'il Khan police officer said that former Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) and Akramullah Goneedpur died in the attack on Kochi Tehsil in the morning.
According to the police, a suicide bomber was killed by a King of Atrak Atak, who was competing from 99 votes, and his driver and three others were wounded.
The injured were shifted to the first local hospital and were then transferred to the hospital, where Akramullah Puraora was injured without the injuries of the old.

Elections 2018: Special Appendix
If there is fear, political announcements will also be affected "
Sindh was a suicide bomber in the city of مستون.
Why is not India-related relationship in the elections?
According to the police, according to the police, Pujja Pozz participated in a meeting with the brother of former brother of Mystery and his father, Mysteryullah Gandapur, who was killed in the war against the suspected men five years ago.
Remember at least the minister of state Mysteryullah Ganda LoanFive years ago, a suicide bomber was targeted, the dead brothers chose to be the leader of the majority of Ismail Khan's head of PPP, but after the name, no such dates were taken.
Akram Durrani on second attack
In the district capital, Akayat Khan Durrani, a JEO of former JUI-U and was shot by armed men on the car, but was safe in the attack.
According to police, in the election campaign of Akram Khan Durrani, unknown gunmen attacked a vehicle in Bano village, Bano village, in the unidentified incident, but no casualties were reported. The search engineer to find suspects in the police started around the area.
At that time, on October 13, Akram Khan Durrani was attacked by a convoy in Bano area of ​​Hanoi, killing four people and injuring others.
The Akram Khan Durrani constituency is the NA-35 candidates from the JUIF, where the Tehrik-e-Insaf Movement Imran Khan is flu.

Copyright copy More pictures Image date Local sources say the explosion was a suicide attack, but has not yet been confirmed yet. The wounded injured have been shifted to the hospital. (Image file)
Purpose of the People's Party in Balochistan
According to the report, Mohammad Kazim, at least 25 people were injured in a bombardment in the political parties' election office in Daleed area of ​​Balochistan province.
A police officer in the Cheiggy Center, Donald said, this attack was made on Sunday in the city of Balochistan's People's Party in the city of Kal-e-Rahim.
According to the official official, unidentified armed men were losing access to the office and 25 explosive materials were wounded due to the explosion.
Six of the injured are in a critical condition, who were sent for further treatment for the quota.
It was second in 24 hours in Balochistan.
Last week, a convoy was attacked by a convoy in Aurran district, an attack on Abramullah Muhammad Hussein in Balochistan's Awaran area, Balochistan, who was participating in the Balochistan assembly elections.
He himself was safe in the attack, but three more wounded.
After the start of election activities in Balochistan, the series of attacks was a series, but these attacks did not hurt.
Although on July 13, more than 150 people were killed and more than 180 others were killed during the suicide attack on the Baloch Baloch party in Darangar area of ​​Mastung.
A suicide attack on 11 July lasted in publishing the National National Party in which 20 civilians were killed including the governor of Haroon Blur.


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