Are Kenya Safaris Safe


Kenya is a top destination, recommended particularly for those booking a safari for the first time. Over a million visit the country annually and most visits are trouble-free.

You’ll discover Kenya is a safe safari destination as long as you take standard safety precautions. Whether you wish to marvel at the wildebeest migration, enjoy the beautiful beaches and scenery, or simply visit the various parks, Kenya has a lot to offer. Here’s what you should know:

Time to Visit

The dry season, which runs from June-October, is the best for watching wildlife. The bush thins out during this time, making wildlife more visible as they approach the nearest waterhole. It’s also when the zebra and wildebeest pass through.

Climate & Weather

Kenya’s equatorial location prevents it from having a distinctive winter and summer. However, it has clear-cut dry and wet seasons. The wetter months (November-May) have extremely warm temperatures of around 30oC while the drier months (June-October) have cold mornings and nights.


Except for lions, generally big cats aren’t as common compared to other sizeable wildlife, for instance, hippo, giraffe, and elephant. The one place you’ll see them in abundance is Masai Mara.

Premier Parks & Reserves

Masai Mara

This is one of the most renowned parks in Africa. You’ll enjoy superb wildlife viewing throughout the year. The annual wildebeest migration through the park is also one of the most incredible wildlife spectacles worldwide. The best time to visit is June-October and September-October.


Amboseli is frequently called the Land of Giants because of the impressive elephants set against spectacular vistas of Mt. Kilimanjaro, making a great backdrop to the park. Besides elephants, you can easily spot other animals. The best time to visit is June-September and January-February.

Kenya is a beautiful country that offers great opportunities to view wildlife in remarkable settings. If you’re seeking a memorable safari, this is the ideal place.


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