5 Favourite Disneyland Paris Rides


Ah, Disneyland Paris. Whether you’re seven or approaching middle age, the magical place fills most with excitement. There are exhilarating rides, a huge selection of restaurants and the chance to meet some of your favourite characters. If you’ve never been to the magical destination, then you’ll need tickets. You’ll find a lot of Disneyland Paris ticket offers and there are great deals out there. To get you in the mood, here are some of the best rides at Disneyland Paris.

1. Phantom Manor

It’s one of Disneyland’s older rides, but still a favourite among many. Phantom Manor opened in 1992 and guests get to visit the haunted house. You’ll travel in carriages which accommodate up to three people and meet Melanie Ravenswood, who is central to the story of the house. We won’t ruin it for you though. Journey through the house and find out its dark secrets. There are no age restrictions, but young children might find the atmosphere quite scary.

2. Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain

Venture into Discoveryland and take a journey into space on Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain. The indoor roller coaster gives people of all ages an intense thrill ride, as long as they meet the 1.20-metre height restriction. You’ll travel at warp speed and take on the evil Empire in this thrill ride. It’s aimed at tweens, teens and adults, so the whole family will have fun.

3. It’s A Small World

If you’ve experienced this infamous Disneyworld ride then you’ll know all too well about the addictive song that accompanies you throughout the ride. It’s a favourite among young girls and features dolls from all over the world singing as you travel by boat. It opened in 1966 and is still going strong today, just be prepared to have the theme tune stuck in your head for a long time.

4. Pirates Of The Caribbean

Long before Johnny Depp took on his stand out role as Jack Sparrow, Disneyland Paris had created the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. It’s been around for years, but due to the popularity of the films, the rides have recently been adapted to include popular characters. The dark boat ride takes you right into the heart of a pirate’s life and is great fun for all the family. There are no age or height restrictions so all are welcome.

5. Star Tours

Simulator fans will love embarking on a ride throughout space in Star Tours. It’s a 3D motion simulator that will zoom you to well-known star wars destinations. Kids, teens and adults will love the adventure as long as they meet the height restrictions of 102 cm.

These are just some of the great rides you’ll find at one of the world’s most popular destinations. Book your Disneyland Paris tickets now and go on the trip of a lifetime.


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